Emerging Ecology is organizing a series ot 2-hour Think Tanks as a part of their Action Research Project focused on discerning the key elements of Living Responsibly in the 21st Cenury.

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Worldview Salons lead to Action Research

On Feb. 26, Nelson presented an overview of Change at the Level of Worldview (now available on YouTube).  The group then participated in a workshop focused on "What are the BIG questions to which you and society are being called to respond?"

Participants in the April session produced a set of Guidelines for Responsible Action in the 21st Century.

The four sessions will focus on:

  • What is good in the 21st Century?
  • What is the right thing to do in these times?
  • How do you know what is good and right in the modern world?

At the conclusion of the second Worldview Salon series the group designed an Action Research Project.

Materials developed during the 2015-2016 salons provide a context for the Action Research.  Thes materials are available for download.

People interested in organizing an Action Research Think Tank can complete the on-line registration form below.


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