A Different Way of Seeing

One specific component necessary for the reinvention of the human at the species level, involves changing the way individuals understand and experience the ever unfolding wonder of the natural world.  Most people think in linear fashions with limited ways to conceptualize dynamic interrelationships. Sacred Geometry draws on ancient African wisdom that predates Euclid’s codification that was utilized by the Greek, Muslim and later European scholars.

Sacred Geometry --
The Language of the Universe

Reports From Previous Students Background Materials Upcoming Events

In 2007, 100 students from the Chikhale Adivasi Ashram in Chikhale participated in a Sacred Geometry Class held in the auditorium of their school.

In 2013, a diverse group of participants attended Sacred Geometry 101 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

An individual tutorial held in Talegaon, India during 2015 unleashed artistic creativity, A Flower Bloomed.  The drawing on the top of this page was done by Mayuri Dhanad, Talegaon, India.

A coloring book of drawings can be downloaded.  All drawings in this collection were done by Nelson Stover using the principles of Sacred Geometry.

The Sri Yantra is an ancient Indian symbol for well-being.  A downloadable detailed process for making the drawing and a contemporary set of meanings has been prepared by Nelson Stover.

An introction to Sacred Geometry was given at the Golden Kiwanis Club of Greensboro.  The slides are available for download.

The next public Sacred Geometry 101 class in Greensboro, NC will be held on August 20, 2017 -- Sunday afternoon from 3-5.  The class will be held at 5911 Western Trail, Greensboro, NC  27410.

All are welcome, no experience necessary.

The registration fee is $20, scholarships are available upon request.

You can register in the events section of our Facebook Page or notify us by email.