In order to expand our knowledge and appreciation of our place in the cosmos, in terms of both space and time, the group will visit the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest near Robbinsville, NC.  This Forest contains one of the few remaining tracts of virgin hardwoods in the Eastern US. Saturday evening and Sunday morning will be dedicated to creating our own versions of stories that recount the past and point to the human role in creating a mutually enhancing future between the human and non-human realms.

Re-imagining Our Place on the Planet

July 21-23, 2017

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Additional details about the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest are available on-line.

Over the past several decades, Nelson Stover has written poems which give voice to the plants and animals which have shaped Planet Earth.  Some of these are available here in hopes that they may inspire other stories.

Planet Earth has a dynamic surface.  Maps of the eastern US show the changes over the last 500 million years.

For questions about the trip contact Nelson Stover or phone 336-605-0143.

The poems, song and story created on this trip can  be downloaded.

During 2016, a similar trip was organized for 11 people participated.  The report of their venture is now available on-line.

The $30 registration fee for this weekend outing covers entrance fees as well as all materials needed for the sessions.

Future programs like this will be scheduled.

Payment may be made by check payable to Emerging Ecology, 5911 Western Trail, Greensboro, NC.

Or by credit card using the button below.

Registration Fee for July 21-23
non-refundable after July 15