Overall Purpose

Emerging Ecology programs foster an individual and collective worldview that enhances opportunities for resolving current economic, social and environmental issues. By integrating contemporary ecological understandings, in-depth personal experiences and effective societal practices, Emerging Ecology programs enhance opportunities for creativity and effectiveness in the 21st Century context.

Practical Mission

Emerging Ecology conducts programs for current and aspiring community leaders. The programs combine image-filled presentations, participatory workshops, personal ecological encounters, practical action projects, and group methods training. These programs produce three specific outcomes:

  1. Implementing action plans that promote mutually enhancing relationships between the human and non-human realms,
  2. Utilizing participatory community processes, and
  3. Developing personal skills to foster individuals’ engagement as citizens of eco-futuric communities.

Organizational Form

Emerging Ecology was incorporated in the State of North Carolina in August 2013.  Emerging Ecology operates under a set of By-Laws as approved by its Board.  Emerging Ecology has been granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Department under section 501-c-3 of the tax code and files its 990 forms annually as required.

Emerging Ecology promoting a worldview for the next generations' solutions.