Emerging Ecology conducts programs benefit people in diverse communities from Chikhale Village in India to towns and cities across North Carolina.

Contributions for the general work of Emerging Ecology are also welcome.  

Your support is deeply appreciated.  On-line contributions can be made below or mailed to our office at 5911 Western Trail, Greensboro, NC  27410 (USA).

Individual Donations Help Make the Work of Emerging Ecology Possible

Emerging Ecology is a non-profit organization registered in the State of North Carolina.  All designated and general contributions to Emerging Ecology are tax-deductible under article 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Use this button to make donations to the Adivasi Ashram School in Chikhale.

The school provides high-quality residential education at an average cost of $425/student/year.  About 25% of this amount is raised from individuals and organizations in India and other countries.



The general operations of Emerging Ecology depend on donations from individuals and organizations. Our website costs $25/month, our materials and publicity costs average $15/month.  

Contributions of any amounts are always appreciated for either our general work or any specific program.


Contributions may also be mailed to the Emerging Ecology office at 5911 Western Trail, Greensboro, NC   27410.

The board of directors of Emerging Ecology allocates 10% of all designated contributions to cover the organization's administrative costs.
Electronic transfer fees are considered as direct program expenses.

If you have retired, you may be able to gain a tax advantage by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) -- we have attached information about this process.  Contact your financial advisor if you have questions about your specific options.