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Through Three Portals:  Helping Tomorrow Unfold

A Systemtic Approach to Theology in the 21st Century

By:  F. Nelson Stover

Foreword by:  Rev. Marian Stewart

Through Three Portals provides a way to include science and religion in the same context, the emerging natural world.  It integrates the social, scientific and interpersonal research of previous centuries into a fresh perspective adequate for contemporary society.

Through Three Portals is written for people who find the old answers to life's deeper questions less than adequate for their current understandings.  It is written for groups and individuals looking for common ground on which to stand while determining their collective responses to current practical challenges.

Readers will find the perspectives they need to help tomorrow unfold by looking through three portals:

  • By gazing at the wonder that fills the natural world,
  • By experiencing beauty which shines through depth experiences of social interactions and
  • By encountering the awe that pours forth from the center of selfhood.

130 pages, paperback

Price:  $13.95
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Through Three Portals is available in Greensboro at Scuppernong Books, 304 S. Elm St. or can be ordered on-line using the above button.