Emerging Ecology provides resource material for people interested in self-consciously living in an emerging universe.

Free Downloadable Materials

In March 2015, Nelson Stover was invited to give a sermon on Climate Change to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro.  The sermon was entitled:  Climate Change:  Clarion Call for Congregations.

A special children's story called Larry and Ursula's Big Decision was written especially for the service.  It is now included in a collection of poems and monographs telling the big picture story of the Universe in which we live and how humans and the non-human world can live in mutually enhancing relationships.

Additional sermons by Nelson Stover are available on YouTube.


A Webinar entitled "Living Like the Earth is Sacred" was presented on March 31.  The recording of the session is now available on-line.

The introduction to the presentation is missing in the recording and will be available shortly.

The Great Work Study Guide

Emerging Ecology has prepared participant readings and a Leader's Guide to enable groups to study The Great Work by Thomas Berry.  Further information and contextual presentations about these subjects are available upon request.