Emerging Ecology conducts four kinds of programs:  

Contextual Programs

Emerging Ecology helps people understand a contemporary and effective worldview. It educates people on how our interactions with the world around us impact our future. We educate people through publications, on-line presence and presentations. These programs help shape a worldview conducive to sustainable actions in the 21st Century. The programs focus on the way that humans and the rest of the world are interdependent. They encourage collaborative processes that build a mutually enhancing relationship between the human and natural worlds.

Public Performances

These events provide fresh and memorable ways to grasp the deep-seated relationship between the human and natural worlds. Emerging Ecology works with musicians, dramatists and performers to create and produce public performances of music, drama and dance.

Capacity Building Institutes

Emerging Ecology’s Capacity Building Institutes provide participants with contextual and methods training over extended time periods.  At the conclusion of the programs, participants design projects to be implemented in their communities, neighborhoods and organizations.

Global Classrooms

Emerging Ecology conducts electronic student exchanges between high school students at Chikhale Ashram School (near Mumbai, India), Northeast Guilford High School and Grimsley High School.  These interchanges provide international exposure to high school students and offer a testing ground for culturally diverse ecological awareness.